Social media has one of the widest reaches since 50% of the total world’s population uses Social media, which is more than 3 billion active users. Around 321 million new people have joined the Social media last year which is a 9 % increase, it brings the tally to an approximate data of 3.81 billion active users. Each user spends at least 2 hours 22 minutes on the messaging and social networks. It is considered as the most relevant advertising channel by 42% of the millennials and 50% of generation Z. This demonstrates the amount of engagement the young generation has towards social media. Whatever the product is, one can’t ignore millennials and Gen Z since they are such a huge market. In Social Media, we have different platforms and their various benefits in terms of engagement, reach, and functions.

Let’s talk about different social media channels.

Understanding the Audience of Facebook:

74% of Facebook users claim to check their Facebook feeds daily.

Facebook stories have more than 500 million daily viewers.

On average, a viewer signs in at least 8 times a day.

The effectivity of your Facebook ads that contain images is around 75%-90%.

96% of Facebook users access it through their mobile phones.

The importance of Facebook for Marketers:

Video marketing on Facebook is preferred by 81% of businesses.

Facebook ads are used regularly by more than 93% of the social media advertiser

The potential reach of Facebook is more than 1.9 billion people.

Link post gets 74% more engagement as compared to the video post.

Facebook is ranked as the second most popular video property, behind Google.

Facebook Video Ads are been used by 6% of the marketers.

Decline of Facebook

According to the latest social media statistics, Facebook usage is dropping amongst teens gradually. 71% of the teens claimed to use it in 2015 while the number has been dropped to 51% in 2019.

At least 3% of the total Facebook profiles are fake. They have removed 88 million accounts in the year 2018.
Twitter Statistics

A powerful social media platform that has more than 330 million active users.

Twitter is a platform of great interactivity. 83% of the people receiving a response from the company after sending them the tweet felt better about the company. They were more likely to do business with them.

Twitter ads are 11 % more influencing and effective as compared to TV ads during live events.


Instagram is used and appreciated more than Facebook at this time by Millenials and Gen Z. By the end of the previous year, Instagram had 1 billion active users. 500 million of them use it daily.

72% of teens prefer Instagram over any other social media platform, it has continued to attract the younger audience.

Ads that were promoted on Instagram were 21% more effective as compared to the ads promoted on Facebook as per the internal analysis by Merkle.

25% of Facebook’s total ad revenue was generated by Instagram in the previous year. As per the estimated statistics, the revenue would grow by up to 30% globally by the end of 2020.

It has already surpassed Twitter in terms of the business users way back in 2017. 71% of the businesses in the US prefer Instagram over any other social media.


Talking about the most used social media platform in terms of job search, hiring, and business updates. Linkedin has been voted the most trusted network in 2019.

In the same year, it has generated revenue of more than $ 6.9 billion since it has a wide audience of 690 million active users.

2019 has proven to be a successful calendar year for the platform since it has received 30 billion sessions from its members. That is a year-over-year increase of 27 %.

Over 46% of the organic social media traffic to the company websites comes from Linkedin.


Youtube is considered to be the second largest search engine used across the globe.

For effective social media marketing, youtube is the preferred channel by over 83% of consumers.

More than 54% of people want businesses to upload more meaningful video content to know more about the brand.

More than 96% of the teens in the US use Youtube regularly.

In an average week, Youtube has more reach amongst people aged 18-49 during the prime time than any other cable network service.

Mobile devices help in generating more than 70 % of the total watch time.


TikTok is an emerging and one of the most promising social media platforms which have more than 800 million active users within such a small period.

TikTok was the third most downloaded application across the world in early 2019.

It reached 1 billion downloads during this time beating the current giants, Instagram, and Facebook in their own game.

One in eight adults have downloaded and Joined TikTok.

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